What I do

Importance of image

Images attract. Even before we have read a word, they catch our eye. We read images differently than we read text. Organically, our eyes wander over the surface, searching for meaning.


An image can make us stand still and pause, decide if we will take the time to read what it says. And in a sea of text, image is the moment of rest.


I want first of all tell a story, convey a feeling, and for that I use images and words.


It’s mainly the relationship between words and images and how they can reinforce, contradict, complement, illustrate, challenge, … that I find so specific and inspiring about images and language.




I consciously choose still images. In standing still, there is just so much that can move.

I also want to offer a counterbalance to all the moving sounds that scream for our attention today.



Analogue vs digital

I prefer to work analog, but also embrace digital work.

A screen can never replace the physicality of a paper, pencil, texture, brushstrokes,… But working digitally is very practical for a lot of other things.



I regularly combine analog and digital and thus experience the best of both worlds.


Besides making graphic poetry and reports, I also like to guide others in their search for an appropriate image that tells a story.

What Can I Do For You?

A graphic record is visualizing an event, encounter, place, occurrence or atmosphere with lines, colors, rhythms and silences.

Compare it to a photographer or a writer who uses photographs or words to represent a happening. As an illustrator, I play with drawings, collages and words.

– Unlike the illustration, the graphic report is independent.
– Do you have a style guide with specific colors of your organization?

Upon request, I can incorporate the colors into my images for a unique result.

Check out some examples I made for Molem Ma Belle (Culture Service Molenbeek, Brussels) or Habitat Festival (City of Leuven) in my portfolio.


Poster  Artiestenparcoursdartistes – Platforme Bruxelloise pour la santé mentale

Feature your text, website, post, podcast, social media or other work with images that speak?

We’ll discuss how my image can complement or even enrich your content.  Portraits of content contributors, an icon or illustration?

Would you like to test your idea, discuss how you can tell your story? 

Or do you already have images (drawings, illustrations, …) that you would like feedback on? I’d love to help you out!

Are you thinking of something else? Do you have a suggestion? I’m happy to discuss it!
And if it’s not a match, maybe I know a colleague who can help you out! 🙂

What to expect?

Visual Language

As a visual storyteller I see myself as the link between different worlds. And in doing so, I don’t limit myself to a particular style , industry or world.


The style determines the story. And the story requires a certain style.

Not only what is shown is important, but also how.

Which language or style fits my story? Where do words fall short and can images complete the story? What does the line, the image or the silence say?


I like to experiment and alternate between certain styles. That’s why I prefer to speak of a visual language.

And my language is generally:

    • simple and playful
    • colorful
    • intuitive
    • layered

but emptiness and silence also play an important role in my images.


Images and style are negotiable, with the goal of visually reinforcing what you want to say.

Did you see a style, color or line that appealed to you? Don’t hesitate to mention it!